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More of the Wizard and his Apprentice

Apprentice – I have been watching the people of the earth and they seem to be losing a battle.

Wizard – Which battle do you speak of my dear friend.

Apprentice – They are being overtaken by darkness

Wizard – Yes, they will fight, but not know what or why they are fighting. The darkness is tricky like that.

Apprentice – Yes, it is. I am even confused sometimes when I observe. Everyone seems right and just in their viewpoint. But they do not question their motivation. I can see how their viewpoints have validity, but I feel like I’m bouncing around a pinball machine of perspectives.

Wizard – That’s right, people of this world think their viewpoint is as deep as they can go. But as you know my friend, from our time together, that the depth of knowledge can transcend a current viewpoint. All that they think they know has magnitude of levels of understanding. But only if humans are willing to open up to the possibility that there is more to their current level of knowledge. Their bodies have become rigid with constricted thoughts and beliefs.

Apprentice – So when they hold onto a perspective the body tightens around what they think is the truth?

Wizard – Yes, until they are proven otherwise. But we are in a time of darkness that keeps humans from seeing other viewpoints. Even in the name of doing the right thing, their walking and talking with blinders and no real or true understanding. Because understanding connects the wise to humility and openness in its most truthful sense. To be truly open one must admit that they don’t know anything for sure.

Apprentice – Yes, but I’m confused, isn’t this a time of science a time of great mechanical accomplishments? Some people think it’s an enlightened age, not a time of darkness.

Wizard – And what do you think of that after your observations of humans on earth?

Apprentice – I think they have forgotten the heart, they have forgotten God, they have forgotten themselves. But science in itself is not bad. It is much needed, great minds can expand, create and make the world an exquisite place. It makes me wonder why most people move in one direction and move away from the other direction?

Wizard – It has to do with the depth of knowledge and the maturity of the species. The world has had an idea of religion but has not taken it to its depth. Humans have skirted around the surface of spirituality and their concept of God. This is true across the board of most religions. Once again people only feel their current understanding is their deepest understanding. Because of this more and more generations are disregarding religion all together. The younger generations sense the quality of their parents beliefs are not coming from a deep place of understanding. Being told,“Just because” without an explanation of why does not work anymore. However, the wiser person can still see there is more to life than they are told, but they will not be heard or understood. People will for the most part think the wise are deluding themselves. This is the current situation of earth. They have moved from spirit to science and science without the depth of spirit, of the heart as you say, has the potential to destroy. There needs to be an integration of the two. My question for you, as your next lesson is: how do you think the people of this world can stop their self destruction?

Apprentice – I think they must take their knowledge of God and science to a deeper level, they must merge the two, one must have the other. Once they merge everyones understanding will be illuminated. But I don’t know how they can take it deeper? I have been with you for a long time meditating and developing my understanding. I feel the humans are running out of time. I feel we don’t have enough time for them to truly understand what it means to be connected to heart and mind. I’m afraid it is too late.

Wizard – All that you have said is good and we can always try to help the people of this world. I feel it is time for us to intervene. Here is what shall be done. There needs to be a voice, there are people close to enlightenment, they are illuminated. If the right person starts to speak they will hear their words. It will only take a few humans for the change to happen. Once these wise people hear the truth they will be freed from the chains of ignorance and will be truly free. Then like a chain reaction it will start to uphold the consciousness of others. They will become a beacon of understanding. People will start to become free, free from their rigidity and their limited mind. But this can only happen if someone starts speaking the truth. People will fight the truth, but deep down they know it when they hear it. In these times people are vulnerable and scared, they may be ready to listen. But the speaker needs to be a pure heart, integrated with a sincere mind.

Apprentice – We can only hope this plan will work. Is there such a person to start this train reaction?

Wizard – You my friend, you must go find this person. Find a pure heart and encourage them to speak the truth.

Apprentice – How do I reach them? It is against the rules, I am not allowed to intermingle with humans.

To be continued ...

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