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The Sound of Stillness

The sun has no purpose—it just is. By just being, it radiates light and sustains life. However, it sits in silent meditation, untouched by our human projections. As humans we feel we need purpose to exist. We want to create and be active. Just being is not enough. But functioning from the thought "I need to be more or do more" is an illusion. We exist as the sun exists, or as a blade of grass exists as it blows in the wind. There is no real meaning, no real purpose—they are just doing their thing. We have thoughts that convince us that we need to strive to be better or more. When we fail to live up to these illusionary standards, we feel bad about ourselves. When this happens, the mind is incapable of fathoming the stillness of existence.

The good and liberating news is that we have it backwards. We must establish ourselves in our being, and then act. Real creativity lies in acting from moment to moment uninhibited by past experiences. When this happens creativity is alive and full of potential.

Now the hard part begins...

My 6 year old son's creativity.

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