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The Wizard and Young Apprentice

Why are humans so afraid asks the apprentice

Because they don’t remember that there is a key to life.

Is the Key hard to find?

It depends on who you ask.

Why can’t humans find it.

Because it is too simple and humans think life is very complicated.

Does every human have access to the key?

Yes, every human has access to the key.

Does every human have their own key?

Yes, every human has their own key.

What does this key do for them?

When there is great fear it is hard for humans to access their greater wisdom.

The key will unlock the opposite of fear and humans will have peace on earth once again.

Okay, okay asks the apprentice, where is this key?

It was put in a place humans rarely look.

Ah, said the apprentice, I think I know.

Is the Key hidden in the human heart?

You are a wise apprentice.

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